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Mobility and Flexibility

Often a neglected part of our training but as important to the body as resistance training.

Mobility and flexibility work will help you move better, perform daily tasks with more ease and prevent and reduce the chance of injuries. The more movement your body has the ability to perform, the less injuries you are likely to have. Dedicating time to deep stretch each muscle groups during the week is a great way of aiding the recovery process and complimenting your training.

With the use of resistance bands and mobility balls these can further aid recovery from injuries and improve joint mobility. Come and ask an instructor to demonstrate a few exercises for you to try next time you are in the gym.

Areas of focus should be – The hamstrings, glutes, quads, lower back, upper back and chest muscles.

Perform a deep stretch slowly easing into each moment for about 60 seconds to 2 minutes on each area. This way you will get your body used to each stretch and will be able to generate a deeper range of motion as you proceed with the stretch. These are far more effective than your standard 10-15 second stretches from the PE lessons in school.

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